Deactivated 1906 Dated DWM Gew98 Rifle

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This 1906 dated DWM manufactured Gew98 is considered to be among one the rarest of its type to have been made by a commercially owned weapons makers. As a commercially owned company DWM were not awarded the same level of large volume contracts that were given to the state owned arsenals; Mauser, Erfurt, Amberg and Danzig. Prior to 1906 DWM were producing rifles for the German Navy contract, and with no immediate thread of any large scale wars production by DWM remained very low until 1909 when they ceased Gew98 production completely, not resuming again until 1914. From 1890 until 1906 DWM's entire production was just 143,580 rifles. This figure includes both the Gew98 that they only starting making from 1899, plus other models including the Gew88 Commission rifle. To put this into perspectivie thats on average 20,500 or so rifles per year for all models. Interspersed from this tiny figure were a small amount of Gew98s. Incredibly this 118 year rifle still has its original barrel, rear sights and woodwork!!!  The receiver and stock bear the correct Imperial German army acceptance stamps. The regimental disc markings have long since worn off. A rare survivor!! Deactivated with a working action.

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