Deactivated WW2 British BSA Sten MKII

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This is a scarce early production WW2 BSA (Birmingham Small Arms) manufactured Sten MK2. As stated in Peter Laidler's book the "The Sten Machine Carbine", all BSA made Sten MK2's serial numbers start with the letter B - as can be seen on this example. BSA started Sten production in August 1941, and we know that this gun was made in early 1942 from the trigger retaining screw position. The trigger cover retaining screw hole positions confirms this Sten to have been made prior to April 1942 as outlined in Peter's book . The magazine housing was made by parts sub-contrators E&Co = Elkington & Co. and another feature seen on early guns is the sub-contrators made on the trigger housing "C.BROs".  Deactivated with a moving trigger and rotating magazine housing. The stock and magazine are both removable.


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