Deactivated WW2 K98 660 Dated

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A superb condition WWII Steyr manufactured, 660 coded German K98. In 1940 and for that year only, Steyr produced the “660” coded K98. They are unusual as they dont have “Mod.98” designation on the side rail which was only omitted on that years production. The receivers were stamped four times with Waffen code WaA623. Estimated production was just 130,492 rifles. This example still retains many original matched parts and has a very low two digit serial number of just 57. The capital letter H on the stock denotes army issue. Eventually this K98 fell into Norwegian hands and was marked and used by their forces. The bolt is matched to itself and has then been matched to the rifle by the Nords. Deactivated with a working action.

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