Deactivated WW2 Russian M1910 Maxim Machine Gun

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A very impressive WWII Russian Maxim model 1910 Machine gun with a very low two digit serial number "68" and Sokolov Wheeled Carriage. Dated 1944 with all visible numbers matching including bolt assembly. Invented by Hiram Maxim in 1883, this was the first true heavy machine gun. It was capable of firing 500 rounds per minute. The water jacket is fitted with a "snow hopper". The Russian realized that in freezing winter conditions there was no need to use water to cool the barrel, so instead they would fill it with snow. When snow wasn't available it was not uncommon for troops to urinate into the hopper to cool the barrel!! This Maxim has definitely seen active service and has had an extensive repair carried out to the barrel jacket requiring welding at both ends. This one is equipped with a bullet defense shield that has a few clear bullet or shrapnel strikes. In an Ironic twist Ukranian forces are now using Maxims against Russia in the current ongoing conflict. 
Deactivated with a working action.

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