Deactivated WW1 Royal Navy & Royal Marines Marked SMLE MKIII With Hooked Quillian Bayonet & Scabbard

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This is a very rare set, a Royal Navy & Royal Marines marked SMLE MKIII with Hooked Quillian bayonet & scabbard.
First World War London Small Arms manufactured SMLE's are fairly scarce rifles owing to having relativately small premisses which limited their production capabilities . From 1907 to 1918 they only produced 430,000 MKIII & MKIII* SMLE's. That's on average around 35,833 rifles per year. This example was made in 1918 with a magazine cut-off, this was later removed, most likely in 1937 when it was refurbished. We know that this rifle was procured by the Royal Navy owing to being correctly marked on the left side of the stock band below the safety catch with a capital N. To further support its lineage the brass regimental disc is marked "R M 288" = Royal Marines weapon / rack number 288. These marking are rarely seen. Of considerable interest in 1937 this rifle was still in service and received and replacement barrel. It is quite plausible that this SMLE was involved in the evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940 when the Royal Navy were sent to France to rescue the B.E.F. from the beaches on Dunkirk. The overall condition of this SMLE would indicate that it has definitely seen service in the harsh condition experienced by Navy issued weapons.
The bayonet is a very rare first year of manufacture SMLE 1907 Pattern Hooked Quillion bayonet with scabbard. The bayonet was made by Wilkinson Sword in October 1908 (10'08), who only made 25,000. The pommel is stamped with the initials "RM" Royal Marines and the blade with the capitial letter N = Royal Navy property stamp. Very few of these bayonets now survive and even fewer that were issued to the Royal Marines. The majoriy of Hooked Quillion bayonets were re-called and had the Qillion ground off making those that survive that much rarer. We suspect that the only reason this one didn't have its Quillion removed was that it was at sea with the navy.
The rifle is fitted with the correct white canvas sling, has an oil bottle and pull through cord, plus and early MK2 stripper clip with 5 inert .303 rounds.
The rifle is deactivated with a working action it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired. It comes with an EU/UK deactivation certificate.

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