Deactivated 1902 MLE Converted To CLLE 1909 Issued To Royal Navy & Royal Engineers

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This is a fabulous example of a Royal Navy issued MLE - Magazine Lee Enfield MKI* rifle that was converted to CLLE - Charger Loading Lee Enfield. Originally produced in 1902 by London Small Arms (L.S.A.) it was subsequently returned to the LSA factory and was upgraded in 1909 to Charger Loading whereby a bridge was retro fitted to allow the magazine to be loaded using a stripper clip. Above this conversion stamp it is marked with a capital N, this mark was only used on British Royal Navy procured rifles. 
Now this is where it gets really interesting. The brass but-stock plate is regimentally marked "RE 4EL GM 26". This is believed to be an abbreviation for the Royal Engineers 4th East Lincolnshire regiment Grimsby weapon number 26. This ties in with the Royal Navy mark, Grimsby and neighbouring Immingham being the headquarters for 7th Destroyer Flotilla from August 1914 to November 1918. In 1915 The Auxillary Patrol based at Grimsby was designated Auxiliary Patrol Area IX,  which also saw a submarine base for British D class submarines.
These two naval areas were of great importance during WW1 and required guarding 24 hours a day. Whilst carrying out both routine and emergency repairs to the British naval fleet, a small number of Royal Engineers would need to armed should there be any immediate threat from ememy attack.
This historic rifle still retains its volley sights and magazine cut-off plate. Finding a rifle of this age with any one of these markings is usually considered scarce, but to find one with such comprehensive Navy links is exceptional. The receiver, stock and woodwork are all "DP" stamped meaning after being retired from frontline duties it continued to be used for training and drill purposes.
Deactivated with a working action.

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