Deactivated WW2 German K98

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This is a virtually all matching numbers WWII Nazi K98. Manufactured in 1937 by Mauser using secret makers code S/42, virtually all parts are matched to the rifle. The only two parts that are not matched are Mauser made parts and would have been replaced during its service life. Interestingly the bolt cocking piece is only 156 higher than the rifles serial number!! Mauser stamped their guns with Waffen acceptance Eagle over 63 as can be seen on all parts of this K98, and the reciever bears the correct early Weimar Eagle proofs. Surprisingly production was still relatively low for 1937, with an estimated 256,000 or so carbines produced by Mauser. These early K98's were among the first to see action when Germany invaded Czechoslovakia and Poland. Included is an original field modifed leather sling a and correct 10 inch cleaning rod.
Deactivated to current specifications with moving bolt and trigger.
This K98 is available and is currently at the proof house being certifcated.

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