Deactivated WWI PO8 Luger With Named Holster

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This is a fabulous condition First Workd War issued German PO8 Luger with its original holster and take-down tool. The pistol is completely original with its factory blued finish, straw blued parts and matching grips. It was made in 1917 by DWM (Deutsche Waffen-und Munitionsfabriken) and has all matching numbers with exception of the magazine which is of WWI vintage and period correct. The grips are in incredible condition and are again factory fitted and matched to the gun. The pistols serial number has an "a" suffix which would indicate it to be made in early 1917. The holster is named, dated 1916 and maker marked. This beautiful untounch set is reputed to be a bring back by, and the condition and originality would strongly support this. This gun, its holster with tool were only recently discovered and handed into the police after which it was deactivated.
Deactivated to current specifications with moving toggle, trigger and safety. The magazine can be removed and will accept inert 9mm rounds.

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