Deactivated WW2 Beretta M1934

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A very nice WWII Italian Beretta Model 1934 chambered in 9mm Short (.380 ACP). This example is dated 1943 and in good original condition with matching numbers. Extremely compact, simple, reliable (the gun is composed by only 39 parts) . The model 34 was adopted by the Italian Army as its standard sidearm and marked "RE" (regia esercito) Army. 1934's were assigned mainly to officers and selected troops and used by the Nazis. The initials IVU within an oval refer to the forth technical control unit of the FAG where the final inspection was carried out. Model 1934s made during the "Fascist Era" were marked not only with the year of manufacture but with Roman numerals indicating the year of the Fascist calender (starting from 1922 as 1st year). This one being stamped 1943-XXI. Deactivated to current specifications with moving slide, trigger and hammer.

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