Deactivated WW1 German PO8 Artillery Luger Rework

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This is a fascinating First World War Imperial German Army PO8 Luger with all matching numbers. This gun was original manufactured as an artillery Luger. The notch forward of the dated stamp on the receiver is where the rear sights sits. This feature is only found to an artillery Lugers. During wartime production the demand for standard Lugers greatly increased, and weapons manufacturers were under huge preasure to fullfil these requirements and would utilise all available serviceable parts. This Luger was also damaged whilst in service. On the right side of the receiver above the original military acceptance stamps are the initials Crown over RC. This denotes that it returned to the factory for repair where it received a repalcement trigger plate. Note that this part is not numbered thus confirming it to be a repalcement. Dated 1918, it was made by Erfurt and retains all of its numbered parts including both grips and the magazine. Deactivated to current specifications with moving toggle and trigger.

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