Deactivated WW2 Erma EMP Submachine Gun

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This is an exceedingly rare WW2 Erma EMP submachine gun. The EMP was originally conceived by weapons designer Heinrich Vollmer in the 1920s but after little sale success he sold his intellectual property rights to Erma who were much better suited to continue with its development. After a few modifications the gun was then sold to military and police forces. Those that were for German consumption had a distinctive bolt "Police" safety catch - as can be seen on this example which was a design requirement specifically for them. A great many of these guns were issued to the SS. As with the majority of SS procured weapons it bears the correct Eagle over N commercial proofs and is not Waffen stamped. The gun has all visible matching numbers and is fitted the correct wartime issued 20 round magazine. This rare wartime example is not to be confused with the post war Spanish copies being advertised elsewhere.
During the 1930s Erma supplied the EMP to Spain during the Spanish Civil War (1936 to 1939). After the Spanish Civil War ended around 3,250 were confiscated by the French authorities at the border by fleeing Spanish republican fighters. The French then re-issued these to their own forces shortly after this they were then captured / surrendered to the Nazis after their successful invasion in May 1940.
We have included an image of an SS soldier armed with one during Operation Barbarossa in 1941.
Deactivated to current specifications with moving bolt and trigger that return under spring presuure.

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