Deactivated MG42/M53

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This is a very impressive set, a Yugoslav M53. The M53's were manufactured using the abandoned machinery left by the Nazi's after WWII. The Yugoslavian's took over production and renamed the MG42 the M53. These post war machine guns are identical to the Wartime models and some of the early examples can still be found with wartime parts fitted. Many are still in use today around the world. The same can be said of the Lafette, they identical to the Nazi wartime examples. As with the M53, some early examples can be found assembled using Nazi parts. This Lafette is unusual having the brass plate riveted on with the Company/factory name, guns designation, calibre and serial number. The M53 is deactivated with a working action.


Please note the Lafette has now sold and this listing is for the M53, belt & drum only.


M53 with drum and rounds only £995

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