Deactivated WW2 German MG34 Machine gun

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This is a rare example of a Second World War Nazi MG34 that has been factory rebuilt. The gun was originally made in 1942 by Waffen Werke, Brunn (DOT) and given a very low serial number of 1079 with no letter suffix. According to the collectors grade book by Folke Myrvang - MG34 -MG42 Universal Machine Gun, this MG34 is one of the earliest known examples from 1942 DOT production. Folke had estimated, at the time of printing that the lowest serial number he had observed was number 5494. Whilst in service this MG34 required repairing afterwhich it was then given the new serial number of 1819. Note all the original numbers have been "struck out" and same number punch used to apply the new serial numbers. The receiver/barrel jacket bears two sets of WaA63 acceptance stamps. The upper set were applied when first made and the second set below the new serial number were added after the reworking was completed. This indicates that the gun was sent back to the Brunn factory for repair and that it was damaged in service!!! The gun is covered in a plethora of Nazi Waffen stamps and codes and carries the correct DOT acceptance stamps WaA63. Included is an original battle damaged drum magazine containing a belt of inert 7.92mm rounds and sling. 
The AA sight pictured is no longer available and has sold.

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