Deactivated WW2 German MP40 Submachine Gun

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The MP 40 was an innovative design in both terms of manufacture and as a weapon of war. It was made using stamped steel and Bakelite parts and had a very clever folding stock arrangement making it an ideal compact weapon for the German Fallshrimjager (paratroops). The MP40 was issued widely throughout the German army with infantry divisions and SS units receiving them first in 1940, and was only in production from 1940 to 1945. It was also a favourite with Allied troops and was a prized trophy, often it would be used in preference to other available weapons if captured. This example was made by Steyr in 1943 and is predominantly matching numbers with the correct Nazi military acceptance stamps Eagle over 623 on all major components parts.
Deactivated to current specifictions with a moving bolt and trigger. This MP40 comes fitted with an original bolt plunger, magazine and leather sling. It is available and is currently at the proof house being certificated.

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