Deactivated IDF Mossad Issued Uzi SMG With Accessories

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This is a genuine Israeli Defence Force (IDF) / Mossad issued Uzi submachne gun. The Hebrew markings and date stamp of 59 = 1959, indicate that its and early model made by IMI (Israeli Military Industries) for the IDF and/or Mossad.  The UZI came about during the 1950’s in Israel’s primitive economy and arms industry. Ironically, it emerged from this setting as one of the most robust submachine guns ever developed. It came to great notoriety during the televised assassination attempt on President Reagan. Seen in the hands of the American Secret Service agents. They have also featured in countless action movies, most famously by Arnie in the Terminator film after delivering the infamous line "I'll be back" .
This example comes with a very rare double magazine clamp, two magazines, IMI silencer, two stock - wooden and retractable and the correct type of sling. Both magazines contain several inert 9mm rounds.
Deactivated with a working action.

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