WW2 German MG34 or MG42 Lafettenaufsatzstuck Anti Aircraft Pole

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This is a WW2 German MG34 / MG42 "Lafettenaufsatzstuck"  anti aircraft pole with a post war mount. The pole is corrently marked with the WW2 German makers code "fsu" - Brandenburger Fahrrad und Motorrad Werk, Exceisier and has the military acceptance stamp. the pole is made from Duralumin with a steel "Stutze" or support. The mount is a post war Yugoslav copy. The pole can be monuted to an MG34 or MG42 Lafette.
It is pictured mounted to an MG42 Latette that is also avaiable but not included. Please see product code 42LD4.

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